Theme and Logo


Our Logo this year has a PLUS in it, as we have added 3 streams of education conducted in Thai for Thai instructors who otherwise would not get the full benefit of sessions taught in English.

This year’s theme is INCLUDE, INSPIRE, and IGNITE – Breaking boundaries together! AFC 2023+ aims to:

INCLUDE all stakeholders in the industry – fitness enthusiasts, fitness and health professionals, allied healthcare workers – from around the world so as to widen our vision through interactions with people of diverse backgrounds, cultures and languages.

INSPIRE participants to feel confident in their abilities and their desire to change the way they work so as to serve their clients even better than before.

IGNITE participants to take action, to actively use the take-aways from the event to positively impact on – and make ripples in – the industry.


And the theme is incorporated in our new logo,
AFC 2023+