Saturday, October 21st

07:30AM – 08:15AM

201 – FX Aqua Bags Training (WO) by Aileen Wong

Sponsored by Fluid X

Transform your workouts with adjustable, water-filled weights! Join this session and learn how to use our multifaceted Fluid X equipment with proper form and technique. We will also show you how to do strength and power exercises as well as gain understanding about the use of Fluid X as a tool to improve stability and balance.

202 – Bootcamp Buckets (WO) by Mindy Mylrea

Bootcamp training is such a blast to teach but very time-consuming to create. What if there was an easy systematic approach to creating crazy creative killer bootcamp classes that your students would love? Now there is:  welcome to Bootcamp Buckets. Learn the system and the strategies for creating smart, safe, and sizzling training sessions every time. You will leave this session with turnkey bootcamp templates that you can use over and over again in a multitude of ways. You will also learn the why and how of bootcamp programming. 

203 – Explore the Mat (WO) by Varavich Jaruekslip (Am)

Sponsored by Origins

Thai Language

Join this mindfully paced mat workout class that will bring you on an inner journey that will spotlight your roadblocks to better movement and help you to remove them so as to improve movement.

204 – Barre Workout (WO) by Pawida Yimploy

Thai Language

Barre classes are very popular among Pilates and Yoga exercisers who want to train to burn more calories. This is an exercise that is suitable for girls who want to tone their butt, thighs, and shape their waist with beautiful muscles without lifting heavy weights. This is a popular exercise method used by many famous singers and actors. It also helps the body increase its resting metabolic rate. Help tighten the muscles of the arms, legs and core muscles in one class. This class is safe for the spine and joints because it’s a low-impact cardio class. It’s will also potentially grow in the Thailand market.

205 – There is no Yin and Yang, just Yoga (WO) by Ann-See Yeoh

This class is a play on different rhythms of flow in one class to highlight the effect of the practice rather than being Yin or Yang. Ann-See will take you on a journey of light and shade, which will leave you with an appreciation of how Yin and Yang are not different approaches to Yoga practice, but essentially two sides of the same coin. In addition, you will leave with an understanding of how to weave the opposites into a simple yet effective class plan that you can easily replicate.

206 – Introduction to Yin Yoga for Fascial Release & Structural Balance (WO) by Nattawan Jitrarat

Thai Language

The interweaving of Traditional Hatha Yoga & Chinese martial arts form, supported by myofascial release & structural balance applied from Anatomy Trains concept. In this practice, we will explore some of techniques which goes beyond relaxation in typical Yin class. By working with bony stations & ground reaction force will help releasing the tension & tightness in different layers of the body. Bone will be aligned, space & mobility are regained. Healthy postures & freedom movement without pain are optimal goals to achieve.

08:45AM – 10:15AM 

211 – Optimal Overhead Pressing (WS) by Jonathan Mike

This hands-on session will discuss and identify the mechanics, technical Intricacies and execution of the Overhead Press and variations for personal trainers and coaches. This workshop will explore the importance and application of the overhead press and provide a comprehensive analysis of the technical intricacies both from an execution and a training perspective.

212 – Bodyweight and Band Training Circuits (WS) by Nick Tumminello

Develop elite full-body workouts for building muscle and performance with these top bodyweight and band training moves. Come away with lots of new moves and exciting training ideas. Learn the best lower-body, upper-body and core conditioning circuits using bands and the best total-body warm-up circuits using bands. Learn plenty of new band exercises your clients will love.

213 – Hands-on Tissue Work for Trainers (WS) by Dave Liow

Tissue that is “gummy” and has high tone will not respond well to training. This session will teach you hands-on techniques that you can apply to clients and/or teach as self-massage to improve tissue health. This session doesn’t require a massage bed or oil. Learn practical techniques to aid training and adaptation by understanding fascia, learning a systematic approach and practical techniques to work with soft tissue.

214 – Fire and Ice (WS) by Helen Vanderburg

Heat up and cool down. The perfect balance of high intensity and restoration. Fuel your internal fire and feel the burn of high-intensity training with a short intense interval training workout followed by the cooling and calm of yoga-inspired posture. This all-in-one barefoot workout is the perfect fusion balance of yin and yang, feeling our heat increase with our internal fire, and then decreasing heat as we cool-off, moving towards feeling like ice.

215 – Funky Dance (WS) by Sasha Oshkin

This session combines a number of different dancing styles: Locking, Popping, Top Rock, Hip-Hop, Jazz and Funk. It is a salad of simple moves and improbable music – acid jazz. This class is for all levels of preparation. It will give you great pleasure and will improve your mood.

216 – Corrective Exercise for Better Balance (WS) by Cody Sipe

In this session, you will learn the key physiological sensory and motor systems that are necessary for good balance and define critical balance concepts and terminology. You will be able to identify common limitations in mobility, stability and postural control that often impair balance in clients of all ages and ability levels. Cody will help you learn to perform assessments that identify these limitations as well as corrective exercise strategies that can address them to improve balance.

217 – Pilates to Relieve Tension (WS) by Apittiya Soma (Bom)

Thai Language

Use breathing techniques while using foam rollers to relieve tension in your body. This class will ground you and connect your mind to your muscles. You will also learn to focus on finding the correct muscles and placement so you can be better aware of where you are in space. 

218 – Anatomy of a Hug (WS) by Lawrence Biscontini

What kind of hugger are YOU? This workshop explores the phenomenon of what we know physically and energetically happens when humans engage in physical contact with each other. From handshaking to hugging to massage, different kinds of touch produce different physiological, emotional, psychological, and spiritual changes.  We will examine research on what happens in our brain, body, and breath when we hug, and learn five types of hugs which you can use as appropriate in your life. 

219 – The Essential Rs of Recovery (L) by Fabio Comana

Sponsored by NASM™  

Recovery is the new focus in programming… Volumes of research continue to support the importance of proper recovery for optimal adaptation to any training stimulus. But what does proper recovery mean and do other activities of daily living have any impact upon recovery and adaptation? This session asks, answers, and clarifies much of this unknown topic. Learn the importance of, and mechanisms for, maximizing Recovery, Rest, Rehydration, Resynthesis, Repair, Regeneration and more to elevate your understanding and programming from good to great.

220 – Mental Skills Training for Strength and Conditioning (L) by Wimonmas Prachakul

Thai Language

This lecture class explains the importance of applying sports psychology skills to help make physical fitness training more effective.

10:45AM – 12:00PM 

221 – Using Resistance Bands in Sports Performance (WS) by Warut Promsri (Poon)

Thai Language

Join Poon for this hands-on session on how to use resistance bands training to enhance performance for athletes of all types.  You will learn exercises specifically designed for each sport. This allows you to use sport simulation exercises with your athletes, enhancing performance while preventing injuries. Learn the knowledge, skills, and abilities to train your athletes safely and effectively with strength bands, either via a full-body strength band workout or by adding some new exercises to an existing program. It is a must attend for all coaches that strive to bring their athletes new heights!

222 – Maximising Rotational Power (WS) by Adam Jongsma

Many clients participate in athletic activities where they are required to develop power in rotation, such as golf, tennis, and baseball. Have you ever thought about the transferability of your training to these activities? Within this session, we will investigate the foundations of rotational power (mobility, stability, strength, and speed) and how to develop these key attributes to improve athleticism. You will leave with the ability to coach and program rotational power into your clients’ training to maximize the performance of your clients while decreasing injury risk.

223 – Sport Core – Abs and Glutes (WS) by Peter Twist

Look good move great!! A fun-focused spirited strength workout! You’ll hear both grunting and laughing. Learn-by-doing training secrets of ice skaters and sprinters for round glute shape and incredible core strength. Experience a large inventory of standing, prone and supine core drills for stability, reactivity, and rotational power. Also partner drills using cooperation and resistance to fire up your entire torso and glute complex!

224 – Music Playlist for GX Class (WS) by Patiparn Jearawattanasawadi (Suntaro)

Thai Language

In this practical session, you’ll understand the different of BPM ranges to guide you when choosing the right music for each group class style and each group of clients who come with different experience levels. You will be able to apply the knowledge and skills from this session effectively.

225 – The Chair Dance Class (WS) by Tony Stone

There is no doubt that this super special class must come back for a repeat performance after the success of our last one in 2022. This is a super fun dance class choreographed with a chair at the centre of it. This is a class that has been set up for this large-scale event although it is usually reserved for smaller dance studio locations. Join me for a world premier of my special kind of dance workout for all of my AFC family to experience. I’ll bring the choreography and music; AFC will provide the chairs and you bring the heat. DO NOT MISS IT!!

226 – A Neural Approach to Mobility (WS) by Brian Bettendorf

Traditional stretching and self-myofascial release have emphasized defects in the muscles or connective tissue. Learn the influence of the nervous system on movement limitations and how to integrate that knowledge into your existing mobility training.  Come learn new techniques and modifications you can use on yourself and your clients.

227 – Mobility for Optimal Function (WS) by Helen Vanderburg

Joint mobility is essential for optimal movement and performance. In this barefoot workshop you will discover simple techniques to enhance joint mobility and stability through corrective strategies with lightly loaded exercises to keep joints healthy. Release restrictions and improve your clients’ ability to move well without limitations and pain. Together, we will define joint mobility, discuss common joint mobility issues and experience several mobility complexes to target specific movement restrictions using simple equipment like yoga mats, tennis balls, Pilates balls, and foam rollers.

228 – Multiplanar Yoga Flow (WS) by Claire Norgate

This is a great class if you want to unwind or learn more about sequencing safely. We will flow with breath and move with awareness while exploring the three planes of movement (frontal, sagittal and transverse). We will apply an understanding of these planes in yoga sequences while also adding knowledge of how fascia connects to and influences joint movement. You will learn a great base from which to develop new yoga sequences, develop knowledge of the myofascial connection to yoga asana as well as the Importance and practical understanding of progression and regression in asana practice.

229 – Omega 3s and their Effect on Performance and Recovery (L) by Elizabeth Dene

The effect of fish oil supplementation on general health and use by athletes has been researched for over 25 years. The early evidence focused on the potential for fish oils to decrease the inflammatory response to exercise. Join Liz as she unpacks the latest evidence on how fish oils can improve performance measures such as muscular growth, power, recovery, and neuromuscular outcomes. A systemic approach has been applied to the evidence to present the major findings of this research project. Fish oils are one of the most widely used supplements in the world, andyou discover their benefits and how they can boost your performance.

230 – Coaching: The New Practitioner within Healthcare (L) by Fabio Comana

Individuals visit their physician on average 4 times a year yet might meet with their trainer or coach perhaps 100 times a year. This provides fitness practitioners with the opportunity to build value in the services they provide: to empower and facilitate positive and sustainable change. Join this session to gain valuable insight and helpful tools for embracing the emerging role of being a successful health coach.

12:00– 12:45PM 


12:45PM – 2:00PM 

231 – Plyometrics for Powerhouse Performance (WS) by Ranell Hobson 

Plyometric training is critical to the success of runners and other athletes. In this practical workshop you will join Ranell in a series of Plyometric combinations to build elastic energy and take your maximum velocity to the next level. In this session, we will explore explosive patterns and learn where to place them in programming and planning to maximise results. This session is not only for runners, these principles of elastic energy and tendon driven power will add a variety of new techniques to spice up all PT sessions.

232 – The Olympic Clean Workshop (WS) by Sirapob Puangin (Jib)

Thai Language

The “Barbell Clean” is a fundamental movement in Olympic weightlifting that requires strength, power, and coordination. Our class is here to help you master this powerful move safely and effectively. We’ll guide you through a basic progression to make sure you understand the movement and can practice it with confidence.

233 – Strategies for Muscle Building (WS) by Fabio Comana

Sponsored by NASM™  

Muscular development – something many of us aspire to achieve to look, feel, and function better, but how do we get results effectively? This session explores current theories surrounding muscle hypertrophy, then provides tips and strategies for optimizing muscular development that span training to hydration, feeding, and recovery.  Learn how to train smart rather than just hard!

234 – Gliding Reinvented (WS) by Mindy Mylrea

The Gliding Discs are a staple in most training programs and there are the tried-and-true gliding exercises we always default to. But what more is there? Oh, so much more! You are in for a treat because you are about to experience gliding reinvented. Learn from the creator herself the magic of Gilding and how your body can be super challenged with this simple tool. From lower body, upper body and core, you will walk away with a unique and diverse library for your training toolbox.

235 – Zumba® Masterclass (WS) by Marina Subhananta, Monthira Lerat (Bambi) and Michelle Vo

Sponsored by Zumba®

Zumba® is perfect for everybody and everybody! We take the “work” out of workout, by mixing low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party. A total workout, combining all elements of fitness – cardio, muscle conditioning, balance, and flexibility, boosted energy and a serious dose of awesome each time you leave class. Let’s Dance! Join TOP Zumba® Presenters for a 75-minute class and find out why the Zumba® program is perfect for you!

236 – Foot Assessment and Training (WS) by Dave Liow

This session will take you through a simple foot assessment as well as through the stages needed to release and retrain your client’s control of your feet. Learn practical solutions to improve foot function.

237 – Inner Potential Reformer (WS) by Varavich Jarueksilp (Am)

Thai Language 

Sponsored by Origins

This slow-paced flow workout will focus on exploring the powerful nuances that teach you to listen to your own body as opposed to just going through the motions in your workouts. Vital life skills like sitting without the use of your hands are threaded into the classical work in every transition. The class will take time to break down advanced exercises and will get through exercises that we always have questions about. If your goals are to move with grace and control, or simply to know how to move without hurting yourself, you’ll love this exploration of your inner potential.

238 – Gentle Yoga for Neck and Shoulders (WS) by Yuttana Poncharoen (Jimmy)

Thai Language

This class will apply simple and gentle yoga asana sequencing to focus on the Neck and Shoulder area. If you feel any stiffness or stress at the Neck and Shoulder or maybe if you have office syndrome problems, join this class and learn how to develop healthy neck & shoulders.

239 – Truths vs Fallacies in Sports and Performance (L) by Hirofumi Tanaka

Several people may come across so-called established facts about training and performance, some of which are fallacies or misconceptions. Other so-called established facts may be negatively affecting performance. Join Professor Tanaka as he highlights some of the most common fallacies in sports and performance and helps you understand and identify the related truths.

240 – Gender Differences in Fatigue (L) by Martin Refalo

This session focusses on fatigue during resistance training and specific gender differences that may lead to practical programming applications. Research has shown that there may be differences in fatigue between genders and Martin will explore this with you. At the end of the session, you should understand how fatigue originates during resistance training, possible gender differences in physiology that may contribute to differences in fatigability and learn about some gender-dependent practical applications that can improve training for muscle hypertrophy.

2:30PM – 3:45PM 

241 – The New Drop Sets for Size and Strength (WS) by Nick Tumminello

Learn with Nick how to level up your drop sets with this hyper-efficient method. It’ll make a difference in your and your clients’ physique and the time you spend working out. Discover a smarter way to do drop sets to gain more while saving time. Nick will lead you through how to apply Strength Zone Training for better drop-sets and you will do better drop-sets for chest, lats, shoulders, biceps, and triceps.

242 – Injury Prevention for Endurance Athletes (WS) by Peter Twist

More and more clients and fitness enthusiasts are becoming amateur or professional endurance athletes. Join Pete in this session and learn how to help them prevent common injuries in running, triathlons, cross country skiing and more. You will learn how to best prepare and listen to the body as well as how to adjust methods for matching prevention with performance.

243 – Brain-Based Balance Training (WS) by Emily Splichal

Sponsored by Naboso

The seemingly simple task of balancing on one leg or walking across the room is a complex, integrated, multi-sensory experience with stimulation from the eyes, ears, joints and plantar foot. Join Dr. Emily as she explores how to enhance brain activation during balance training by combining sensory stimulation, dual tasking and eye movement exercises.

244 – Vertical Step (WS) by Luciano Mottola

Join Luciano in this session with steps placed not in the traditional horizontal position, but in the vertical position, a real challenge for the true fans of the step. We will use techniques of edge change and you will get lots of ideas to revisit step or start creating original classes for your students.

245 – Supafresh (WS) by Nattapong Champachan (Kero)

Thai Language

The SUPAFRESH Dance Fitness method will teach you everything you need to know to either start your Dance Fitness carrier, fill up your current classes or spark your creativity with our specialised tailored training just for you. Learn how to teach and effective, fun, groovy Street Dance class for everyone, perfect for fitness environment. Turn your passion and love for music and dance into a career.

246 – Functional Taping for Knee Problems (WS) by Kriyot Sudsaard (Joe)

Thai Language

This workshop will teach you the principles of taping for people with knee problems. Including a basic assessment of the knee to address the use of taping and taping techniques for the most common knee injuries.

247 – Pilates Back to Basics (WS) by Claire Norgate

With some approaches, Pilates has become so varied, fast, hot, fat-burning, HIIT style that it often looks nothing like the original concept. However, in this technique-based Pilates class we will still have fun. We often seek variety as we get ‘bored’ with our classes. However, exploring anatomy and revisiting the ‘why’ of mat Pilates will reconnect your love of movement and the uniqueness of the Pilates principles. Join Claire and learn the why and how of neutral, to appreciate all planes of movement and why we need to keep some isolation as well as how to safely regress and progress. Finally, you will learn some very useful cueing techniques.

248 – Weighted Warrior Yoga (WS) by Angie Miller

Join Angie for a free-flowing fusion of yoga, strength, and cardio that engages the mind, body, and soul. It’s a bridge between classic yoga poses, innovative strength-based movements, and low-impact cardio challenges.

249 – The Future of Nutrition (L) by Elizabeth Dene

When it comes to nutrition there is so much information and misinformation, it is difficult to know what is real, and what is hype. Trainers are always looking for an extra edge on how to achieve optimal health and wellbeing and easy tips they can share with their clients. In this session Liz will address some current hot topics such as, “Are cell-based meats safe”, “How is lab based milk made”, “Do I need to eaten Vegan”, “Gluten free”, “Oat milk, soy milk, almond, what’s the best”, “Eating fish or taking fish oils”, “Which fats are the best for health”, “What about superfoods”. You will walk away with a greater understanding of nutrition and how to identify evidence-based research on current burning nutrition topics.

250 – Practical Programming (L) by Samuel Schepis

In this session we cover how to take the training principles and variables and apply them creatively to an individual client, to design unique and effective training programs. Key takeaways for this session are to understand what are the important considerations to take into account for the individual client, including ability, injury/illness, time constraints, preferences and more. You will have a toolbox full of techniques that can be applied within a training session to achieve the desired outcome for your clients as well as how to effectively plan out a client’s training to ensure that training phases logically stack together over time.

4:15PM – 5:30PM 

251 – Getting Strong with Anatomical Subsystems (WS) by Jonathan Mike

The 4 main anatomical subsystems (oftentimes called “slings”) contribute as a large part of muscle systems and humans’ ability to generate dynamic movement. Myofascial slings sometimes carry a weak component not often addressed by trainers and coaches. This not only limits performance but also doesn’t take into consideration the use of a 3D approach to programming. This workshop will cover all these slings, demonstrate their usage in anatomy and biomechanics so that trainers and coaches can improve their skills with both programming and performance.

252 – Unhinged – Adding Hip Hinge Variations (WS) by Adam Jongsma

The hip hinge is an important foundational movement pattern. It is a great way to emphasize the posterior chain, counteract the common seated position and provide a back saving way to lift. But for many clients, once they become proficient in the base pattern (classic deadlifts), these can seem boring and mundane. This workshop introduces proper progressive sequencing and specific exercise variations that will change your hip hinge forever. You will leave with more than just new exercise ideas, but with the ability to cue, coach, and program each hip hinge variation effectively based on client needs.

253 – Perturbation Training for Athletes (WS) by Ranell Hobson

Perturbation-based balance, strength and stability training might be one of the most versatile fitness techniques you’ve never heard of. Used in a variety of settings it’s touted to prevent falls among older adults and increase performance in chaos-centred sports (field and court sports).  It can also help recreational and elite athletes avoid injury and speed up rehabilitation. Whether your goal is to age in place or enhance your performance, perturbation training is something you should know and understand.

254 – Les Mills Fusion Masterclass: BODYCOMBAT™, LM GRIT™ Cardio and BODYBALANCE™ (WS) by Panuwat Rongbandit (Kelvin), Anchalee Hengsakulwong (Kib), Prinn Nopsiri (Benz) & Nicha Yongyuennarn (Chao)

Sponsored by Les Mills Asia Pacific

Thai Language 

In this fun but challenging 75-minute Masterclass, you’ll experience a blend of science-backed workouts featuring dance, cardio, speed and flexibility training. You’ll You’ll punch and kick your way to fitness, burning up calories BODYCOMBAT™, improve cardio fitness, increase speed and maximise calorie burn with LES MILLS GRIT™ Cardio as well as build strength, improve flexibility, and feel serene and relaxed with BODYBALANCE™.

255 – Dance Around the World (WS) by Sasha Oshkin and Tony Stone

This class is all about rhythm, love, dance. Enjoy the moment and make awesome atmosphere together. Enjoy this dance connecting people together and preparing you for the AFC Saturday Night Party! 

256 – Training the Injured Runner (WS) by Brian Bettendorf

Understand the primary causes of running injuries and learn practical solutions based on current theory. Learn a simple movement screen, training recommendations, and exercises focused on helping runners do more of what they want to do – run.

257 – SMR: To Roll or Not to Roll (WS) by Helen Vanderburg

Self-Myofascial Release (SMR) techniques and products have become all the rage in the fitness industry. The science of fascia and fascial resiliency continues to evolve. We will explore and discuss the current science and relevance of a variety of SMR techniques and learn how directed SMR techniques are changing. The question is to roll or not to roll. We will discuss the current science and understanding of fascia, review common SMR techniques and apply fascial science to SMR techniques, all while incorporating tennis balls, Pilates balls, and foam rollers.

258 – Practical Approach to Handstands (WS) by Yury Rockit

Handstands help us explore our new relations with gravity, improving our circulation, posture and balance as well. Join Yury on a specific skillset acquisition session sharing his unique & inclusive approach towards learning and practicing handstands. Regardless of where you are in your personal fitness journey, learning a new skill brings fun and an exploratory experience of deepening your core strength, coordination, balance, mobility, flexibility, proprioception & so much more. Learn handstands for all levels & for those with no prior experience and experience the benefits of inversions.

259 – Aesthetics vs Performance Nutrition (L) by Joan Liew

Having a lean physique is often regarded as a valid and key representation of “sports performance” and “fitness”. However, there are significant differences in the two objectives when it comes to training and nutrition. Join Joan and learn how training to improve body composition differs from improving sports performance. Explore what fitness leaders need to understand about the difference between the goals of aesthetics v performance training and understand the key considerations in sports nutrition that are critical to desired outcomes.

260 – Agility Training for Older Adults (L) by Napasakorn Chuensiri (Opol)

Thai Language

In this workshop, we will discuss the importance of agility in the elderly, explore important element of building agility in the elderly. Including practical part and how to design a training program to effectively create agility for the elderly.

5:30PM – 6:00PM 

Cocktails and Snacks in the exhibition hall

6:00PM – 9:00PM 

The famous AFC Saturday Night Party!