About the Organiser


Our Mission

Fitness Innovations (Thailand) Ltd. provides best-in-class education, training and networking opportunities to fitness professionals in Asia so as to build and support the larger fitness community. AFC supports us in this mission.

Our Vision

Cutting edge, international quality fitness education and training will be widely available in Asia.

Our Values

  1. We provide affordable, face-to-face, hands-on, science-based education and training of international standard and repute
  2. We build communities by providing a warm and home-like environment for our prospects, students and graduates as well as our trainers and presenters
  3. We seek to understand, meet and deliver on student expectations.
  4. We stand neutral and non-aligned in our relationship with clients and the industry stakeholders.
  5. We continuously improve and upgrade ourselves.
  6. We hire and retain staff with integrity, passion, loyalty, dedication to quality and respect for others
    and we support their growth and development.
  7. We associate with internationally recognised and reputed partners in line with our mission.
  8. We respect all industry players and favour collaboration over competition

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