Sunday, October 22nd

07:30AM – 08:15AM

301 – Les Mills BODYBALANCE Masterclass 1 (WO) by Nicha Yongyuennarn (Chao) and Prinn Nopsiri (Benz)

Sponsored by Les Mills Asia Pacific 

Thai Language

Ideal for anyone and everyone, BODYBALANCE™ is the yoga-based class that will improve your mind, your body and your life. During BODYBALANCE™ an inspired soundtrack plays as you bend and stretch through a series of simple yoga moves and embrace elements of tai chi and Pilates. Breathing control is a part of all the exercises, and instructors will always provide options for those just getting started. You’ll strengthen your entire body and leave the class feeling calm, centred and happy.

302 – Tik Tok Dance (WO) by Erick Limans and Frans Ferdinand

Are you ready to bust some moves and start your day with a bang? Join our TikTok Dance Workout session and get your groove on! This is not your average workout – we’ll be breaking it down to the latest TikTok hits and teaching you the hottest dance moves. You’ll be sweating, smiling, and feeling like a TikTok superstar in no time! So, grab your friends and let’s get moving to the beat of the music. Trust us, your morning routine will never be the same!

303 – Warm-up for Resistance Training (WO) by Kamonchai Rattanadechakul (A)

Thai Language

Get ready for your final day of AFC strength and conditioning, personal training and other sessions by performing a world-class warm-up. Join Khun A and recover from your first two days and make sure you make the most of Day 3 of AFC!  

304 – Consolidate and Appreciate (WO) by Ann-See Yeoh

Join Ann-See for a 45-minute breath and intention-based practice where you will be guided through the three components of a traditional yoga practice: āsana, prānāyāma and dhāranā. Experience how breath and intention stitch the poses together, something that makes a movement-based practice Yoga.  

305 – Gentle Yoga for Total Mind and Body (WO) by Yuttana Poncharoen (Jimmy)

Thai Language

In this last morning of AFC, it is time to return your body and mind to balance, to relax and refresh yourself with Gentle and Flow Yoga. Simple flow movements synchronized with breathing to prepare you for your last AFC day and fulfill your life with peace and awareness.

08:45AM – 10:15AM 

311 – Eccentrics and Isometrics for Running Fast (WS) by Ranell Hobson

When running at higher velocities, the swing thigh undergoes different contractile efforts between initial and terminal swing. Understanding eccentric and isometric training for runners will provide new insights into planning strength workouts that build velocity-resilient hamstrings and create adaptations like plyometrics without high-impact wear and tear on joints and ligaments. This workshop is jam-packed with practical take homes to implement in your next session!

312 – Sport Performance Programming (WS) by Kamonchai Rattanadechakul (A)

Thai Language

Join Khun A and discover how sports performance training programming can help optimize strength development and muscle power in the gym, and then convert these results to agility and power on the field. 

313 – Training to Failure – Yes or No? (WS) by Martin Refalo

Training to failure has been a topic of debate in the fitness industry for many years. Join this session and explore new research to provide a better understanding of it and to help you understand how best to design and execute a resistance training programme to promote hypertrophy using proximity-to-failure. You will learn how training to failure influences outcomes in resistance training and how to design a program for muscle hypertrophy using considerations for proximity-to-failure.

314 – Cueing, Coaching and Connecting: Transforming Group X (WS) by Angie Miller

Sponsored by NASM™   

Cueing is the foundation to successful group fitness instruction. When an instructor cues well, and uses creative coaching techniques, the class flows, transitions are seamless, and participants feel successful. Cueing and coaching require strong communication skills and precise timing, and that’s why they’re the most challenging components of group leadership. Whether you’re a novice or seasoned instructor, come to this workshop to learn how to connect with your participants through powerful cueing and coaching techniques, including verbal and visual messages, body language, and word imagery. 

315 – Zumba® Cardio Blast (WS) by Marina Subhananta and Monthira Lerat (Bambi)

Sponsored by Zumba® 

Thai Language 

Revolutionize your cardio w and feel the Latin Heat. This class will both challenge and inspire you at the same time! Learn how to make your routines really ‘pop’ with hits from multi-platinum Latin artists and more. So come walk in, dance out and learn!

316 – Low Back Pain and Spinal Stabilization (WS) by Pimruk Sinsomboonthong (Kethy)

Thai Language

In this practical session, you’ll learn the basics of the core system that builds stability for the body and be able to apply equipment to train the nervous system to improve stability and strength for the core muscles. You’ll learn about a variety of exercises to build core stability and strength including reducing the risk of injury that will occur from training as well.

317 – Pilates for Healthy Back Care (WS) by Claire Norgate

This session will explore how to help people with chronic, non-specific back pain. It is designed for instructors to be able to provide safe exercises for those who have been cleared to exercise. We will explore when to refer and how to determine exercise contra-indications. We will discover some basic assessments and create safe starting points for movement progressions. A focus will be on understanding the six best mobilisers and six best stabilisers for healthy back care.

318 – Yoga: Waving Your Intention Wand (WS) by Ann-See Yeoh

With over 30 years of experience in the mind-body fitness space mentoring many instructors, a Ann-See discovered that instructors spend too much time lesson-planning rather than building their personal brand. Join Ann-See as she takes you through a handful of short sequences, showcasing how identical sequences can feel different when we manipulate various intentions, along with an attitude of play. You will leave this workshop with ready-to-go Yoga sequences and a simple system that will help you find longevity in your lesson plans rather than constantly designing new lesson plans.

319 – Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Supplements (L) by Elizabeth Dene

Your clients are constantly asking you about nutritional supplements and you feel obligated to give an answer because you’re the expert, even though you’re not sure yourself. In this session, you will get a crash course on supplements. You will learn how to know whether a supplement really works or not, what to look for on the label to identify the quality of a supplement, and how to figure out the right dosage.

320 – Blood Flow Restriction Training (L) by Hirofumi Tanaka

Blood flow restriction training is an innovative exercise that can produce benefits and adaptations even if it is performed at a lower exercise intensity. It is still not yet practiced by a wide range of populations including professional athletes and patients. Join Professor Tanaka and understand the great potential of the blood flow restriction training approach.

10:45AM – 12:00PM

321 – 6 New Chest Workout Tips for Fast Gains (WS) by Nick Tumminello

Learn sure-fire tips to optimise your chest workout for maximum size and strength. With Nick, you will learn the best bench angle for the chest, missing push-up variations for the inner chest and identify the three mandatory movement patterns for functional chest strength.

322 – Movement Therapy: The Shoulder Complex (WS) by Adam Jongsma

The structure of the shoulder complex allows for the greatest potential range of motion of any joint in the body. But with increased levels of mobility, the requirement for control also increases. So how do we optimize shoulder mobility, without sacrificing stability? In this session, Adam will walk you through how to implement different mobility techniques and stability exercises to optimize shoulder function. The techniques and exercises learned in this session can be easily brought into your training sessions as either homework, movement prep or correctives.

323 – Fluid X Aqua Bag Movements (WS) by Aileen Wong

Sponsored by Fluid X

FX Master Trainer Aileen will show the major functional movements with Fluid X aqua bags.  In this workshop we will focus on Passive Resistance, Active Resistance, Flow and Stability movements.  This session will show you what to expect from a Fluid X instructor course.  The class will end with a full body workout from power movements to strength, stability, and core.  Experience how FX equipment – an aqua bag filled with water – engages your core and stabilises muscles in every exercise. Thanks to the movement of the water every repetition you make is different from the next.

324 – Bellilates (WS) by Pawida Yimploy

Thai Language

Bellilates workshop will bring the basic movements of Pilates and Belly Dance to compare the characteristics of the muscles used, benefits and different charms of the 2 type of training. The physical benefits are comparable and not dangerous. This can be an alternative to open class in the private studio or teach in Pilates Studio. To be able to have alternatives training similar to sports and using familiar muscles but also fun with the dancing approach. Bellilates draws a passion for the form of training that blend physical with emotional expression. 

325 – Aerodance Style (WS) by Luciano Mottola

All are welcome to Aerodance. You will feel both elated and healthier physically through the pleasure of dancing. With Luciano, every step you take will put a smile on your face. Learn the concepts of “partition” and ” concentric insertion”, where you will get a lot of tips to create different choreographies for your dance classes.

326 – Lifestyle Medicine for the Fitness Professional (WS) by Cody Sipe

Lifestyle Medicine is a rapidly developing clinical specialty today. Learn the “Six Pillars of Lifestyle Medicine” and other key concepts and how it benefits the fitness industry and the fitness professional. You will discuss how fitness professionals can leverage Lifestyle Medicine to simultaneously help your clients achieve better health outcomes, elevate the fitness industry, connect more directly with health professionals, and grow your business. You will learn key resources and educational pathways necessary for fitness professionals to get involved in the field of Lifestyle Medicine.

327 – Inside Out with Wunda Chair (WS) by Varavich Jarueksilp (Am)

Sponsored by Origins

Thai Language 

This Wunda chair session is a fun and challenging session that you will feel from the inside out. Join Kru AM and explore your movement and open up a world of understanding. You will learn how to cue your clients using their own words instead of your own, and much more. Join us to add new discoveries to your own practice.

328 – Power Nap: Getting Non-Traditional Sleep (WS) by Lawrence Biscontini

Science supports advocating napping to increase overall health, wellbeing, and happiness.  From the Blue Zones to the Mediterranean Diet, napping forms a key part of successful lifestyle practices.  For today’s athlete, napping has been shown to boost productivity in home and workplace, improve performance and mood.  Lawrence will invite you to experience various types of naps with a focus on breathwork, body positioning, and meditation.  This class figures on some of the most prominent Group Wellness Menus around the world at noontime hours.

329 – When Fitness Meets Cancer Survivor (L) by Brian Supawut Kunakom

Thai Language

The number of cancer survivors has increased due to advances in medical research and early detection screening programs. Cancer survivors are left with a new self-acceptance that surviving outweighs thriving. The medical community is unable to guide cancer survivors regarding this matter due to the lack of priority in standardizing lifestyle modification as a medical treatment. Data has continued to show the benefits of exercise for cancer prevention, improving prognosis, and preventing recurrence amongst cancer survivors. Muscle mass is the indicator of longevity pertaining to all spectrums of health, from treating diseases to attaining optimal health. Join this session and learn all you can about how you can help cancer survivors thrive!

330 – Troubleshooting Common Fitness Business Challenges (L) by Samuel Schepis

All businesses face common challenges throughout their operation, be it dealing with growth, human resources or staff, financial concerns or simply determining what is the best direction for your operation.  This session will address some of the common challenges that fitness businesses face and provide a framework to help you in troubleshooting and problem solving them.

12:00PM – 1:00PM 


1:15PM – 2:30PM 

331 – Youth Physical Literacy and Mental Well-being (WS) by Peter Twist

Youth physical literacy, including fundamental movement skills, physical confidence, and recognition of movement’s impact on mindset and health, has always been important but is increasing in importance today. Join Pete and learn how to develop kids’ movement skills, positive relationship to exercise, self-belief and a “me-to-we” lens. Learn how to program, add symbolism, gamification, develop high engagement and high transfer to life and sport. This is a learn-by-doing workshop in which you will experience circuits that blend physical literacy and mental well-being!

332 – The Olympic Jerk Workshop (WS) by Sirapob Puangin (Pop)

Thai Language

Learn the technique of “Barbell Jerk” to understand the component movement behind it and be able to execute the movement with maximum efficacy.

333 – 7 Game-Changing Glute Training Tips (WS) by Nick Tumminello

Even if you deadlift, squat and hip thrust, you’re still missing something in your quest for the ultimate athletic booty. In this session, you’ll get to try seven glute training techniques to get more out of glute exercises and learn some moves that will become staples in your and your clients’ workouts. Join Nick and learn how to supercharge common glute exercises while decreasing the risk of groin injury.

334 – Les Mills Fusion Masterclass: BODYJAM™, SH’BAM™, Les Mills GRIT™ Cardio & BODYBALANCE™ (WS) by Anchalee Hengsakulwong (Kib), Taweechai Churat (Aum), Prinn Nopsiri (Benz) and Nicha Yongyuennarn (Chao)

Sponsored by Les Mills Asia Pacific 

Thai Language 

In this fun but challenging 75-minute Masterclass, you’ll experience a blend of science-backed workouts featuring dance, core, strength and flexibility training. You’ll feel uplifted, tone your glutes and legs, and build stamina with BODYJAM™ and SH’BAM™, improve cardio fitness, increase speed and maximise calorie burn with LES MILLS GRIT™ Cardio and build strength, improve flexibility, and feel serene and relaxed with BODYBALANCE™.

335 – Street Choreography (WS) by Sasha Oshkin

Join Sasha to experience sounds that revive your eyes and an unusual choreography and music that will to add a fresh new wave to your creative work. It involves a mix of Old School Hip-Hop, Hip-Hop New Style, Popping, Locking, Krump, Jazz Funk and Break Dance…it’s not only dance, it’s the whole history of dance! Join, enjoy and learn how to make your students enjoy! 

336 – Foot Anatomy and Assessments (WS) by Emily Splichal

Sponsored by Naboso

As the only contact point between the body and the ground, the foot acts as our foundation to balance, stability, and gait. Join functional podiatrist Dr Emily as she explores the basic biomechanics and anatomy of the foot and ankle complex, as well as introduces you to how to perform a foot assessment.  Gain powerful information about the power of the human foot and how it can impact client programming and progressions.

337 – Pilates Mat Playground (WS) by Apittiya Soma (Bom)

Thai Language

Learn how to use different props – small balls, foam rollers and elastic bands – to challenge and assist you in creating the feeling of being on the apparatus! Join Kru Bom and learn to bring the apparatus to your Mat work with this creative class. 

338 – Athletes and Asanas (WS) by Yury Rockit

Yury will show both group exercise instructors and personal trainers how to add dimensions to yoga classes to attract more athletic types to training. Join Yury for a two-part experience featuring how to convince athletes to get their yoga “work out” (using strength-based yoga) and necessary “work in” (adding necessary flexibility-based yoga).  With these two main goals of improving strength and flexibility, you will learn how to choose asanas to complement your clients’ athletic performances, augment their athletic body awareness to help prevent injury, and aid their recovery and rejuvenation through restoration.  

339 – Sedentary vs. Active Aging and Fitness (L) by Hirofumi Tanaka

With increasing age, the risk of heart disease increases and function and performance decline.  Masters’ athletes or veteran athletes are unique and impressive in that these age-related changes are often absent.  Join this session and learn the differences in impact of sedentary aging versus active aging in a way that fitness professionals can understand and use to their aging clients’ benefit.

340 – Don’t Sleep on Sleep (L) by David Liow

Sleep is one of the missing lifestyle pieces that has a direct impact on every single client goal. Despite this and the millions struggling with sleep, there are few practical coaching systems available to the fitness professional in relation to this topic. Join David and deepen your understanding of the relationship between sleep, recovery, and adaptation and how these relate to common client goals. This session is aimed to provide a practical framework to assess and screen for red flags in sleep for your clients. You’ll walk away with a coaching system alongside practical strategies that can be implemented right away.

3:00PM – 4:15PM 

341 – The Athletic Ab Lab (WS) by Ranell Hobson

In this workshop you will learn the importance of Pillar Strength for all athletic movement.  Pillar strength redefines Core training to include the Shoulders, the Pelvis and everything in between.  Any slackness or weakness through the pillar leads to energy leaks and an increased risk of injury. This workshop will have plenty of practical work while building an understanding of the importance of kinetic linking for improved performance.

342 – Control Yourself – End Range Control (WS) by Adam Jongsma

Several techniques exist to help clients improve range of motion. The biggest mistake most people make during this process is not working to control the new range of motion. This often leads to the changes not sticking long-term and to increases in risk for injury. Learning how to control the newfound range of motion will improve the effectiveness of mobility techniques and therefore maximize movement potential. Within this session, we will explore the principles and techniques used to develop end-range control. You will leave with the ability to improve client’s mobility safely and effectively through the application of end-range techniques.

343 – Perfect Plyometric Progressions (WS) by Peter Twist

Learn how to make high-risk plyometrics truly safe and effective for clients of all ability levels. Experience simple yet valuable Readiness Assessments and the safest progressions from beginner to more intense drills. Understand the difference between jump training and plyometrics, and, how to utilize plyometric techniques beyond legs to also power upper body lifts and core strength drills. We’ll review a brief summary of science to give your training plans more purpose, then, devote the session to how to do and how to cue a large number of plyometric exercises. 

344 – Bodyweight Workout (WS) by Luciano Mottola

Join Luciano in this bodyweight workout using music to create sequences involving the use of several workout strategies to “charge” one’s own body. Learn to use functional movements and simple strategies to help you reach your and clients’ goals without any equipment, simply by adding variations to your workout routine. Enjoy!

345 – Urban Fusion Dance (WS) by Tony Stone

This is a freestyle choreographed dance class giving you great movement to some of the latest, greatest, and hottest music. You will enjoy learning some of the typical dance moves seen in music videos or dance scenes in movies that are made easy for you to learn and enjoy. All the movement and choreography is clearly broken down so you can fully experience the amazing sensation and emotion of a fun filled dance class.

346 – Research-based RockTape Application (WS) by Kriyot Sudsaard (Joe)

Thai Language

This workshop will let you learn academic information that explains the mechanism of action and the benefits of adopting “Kinesiology tapes” in your training effectively.

347 – Mobility in Pilates (WS) by Claire Norgate

This session is a toolbox of mobility exercises that you can add to your Pilates classes. Most of the Pilates repertoire is stability and strength based, however, good mobility is needed to actually perform the exercises with good alignment and many of our participants need that focus. We will stand, sit, lunge, kneel and lie down exploring our joint movement and feeling great.

348 – Yoga for Stress Management (WS) by Angie Miller

The power of yoga isn’t in the poses; it’s in how we use our breath to connect to the present moment and unite our mind and body, calming anxiety and helping us cope with everyday challenges. Research supports the benefits of yoga to reduce stress, and this class will capture how mindful movement and meditation can promote mental clarity, invite inner peace, and create a sense of balance and calm…

349 – Sports Nutrition: Fueling for Performance and Life (L) by Krisadee Bodhidatta (Pat)

Thai Language

Sports Nutrition plays an integral part in training for performance. Benefits of sports nutrition include having quality training, delaying the onset of fatigue, enhancing athletic performance, promoting optimal recovery and adaptation to workouts, improving body composition and strength, supporting the immune function, reducing the potential for injury as well as promoting overall quality of life and athletic career longevity. Join Pat to understand the fundamentals of adequate sports nutrition practices including energy balance, hydration, micronutrient guidelines, meal timing and the consequences of low energy availability.

350 – The Science of Programming for Older Adults (L) by Anthony Wall

Sponsored by ACE®

Many older adults consider themselves healthy. They can carry out activities of daily living, live productive lives and, for many, maintain a competitive lifestyle. Others live a less fulfilling and low functioning lifestyle. The focus for fitness professionals is to understand the aging process, learn how to adapt to circumstances, and comprehend the roles exercise and physical activity play in reducing the risks associated with illness and age-associated disabilities. Following a review of the basic concepts of aging, strategies to ensure successful aging will be discussed.

4:30PM – 5:30PM