AFC 2023+  Presenter Discovery Competition 

This application form is to apply for AFC 2023+’s Presenter Discovery Competition (formerly #fitnessIdol) Competition so as to be discovered and fast-tracked as a first-time fitness presenter with support and prizes. AFC fitnessIdol ran at AFC events for over 10 years before the pandemic. This year, we rebrand it and we continue to welcome and celebrate future presenters with professionalism, excellence, diversity, equity, inclusion, and quirkiness.


The purpose of the competition is to convince the Judges’ Panel in 3 minutes that, in their combined experience of decades of watching different kinds of fitness professionals, they would want to experience an ENTIRE AFC session presentation with you and your message.


  • you have not professionally presented in your country in-person or virtually beyond your local group network trainings;
  • you consider yourself to be someone who knows what you’re doing, a true Subject Matter Expert-In-the-Making in what you want to present;
  • you have NOT won any other #fitnessIDOL award elsewhere;
  • you consider yourself innovative, cutting-edge, exhibiting leadership and role-model characteristics;
  • you would welcome a big break to be considered as an international presenter and be able to fast-track your career by this win;
  • you MAY have assisted other presenters but CANNOT have presented anything on your own in any professional on-line or in-person continuing education opportunity.
  • you must be registered for the AFC 2023+ in-person convention at BITEC, Bangna, Thailand.
  • You CAN have presented your own educational workshops at small gatherings but you CANNOT have presented company-branded workshops because this qualifies you as a “presenter” for a fitness company.


Please complete and submit this form . We will notify you about the success of your application and about when you will be slotted to present a condensed, ***THREE MINUTE*** version of your session in ENGLISH or THAI in person at AFC on Saturday 21 October 2023.

  • WHEN: Saturday, between 11:15 AM and 12:15 PM
  • WHERE: Showcase Session Stage in the Main Exhibition Area, opposite room GH 201.


Your topic needs to be humanity, wellness, and/or fitness based, pertinent to fitness professionals around the world, and can be a lecture, lecture/demo, or workshop format. You do NOT need to submit handouts and you cannot use PowerPoint or Slides as you’ll be on a Main Stage in the middle of the exhibition. You CAN lecture, present movement skills, or both.

Please be aware that if you choose equipment, you can engage everyone and have items you’re SURE all cultures and demographics would have readily available with no time to “go and find”.


The judges’ panel will consist of a diverse, international panel including Lawrence Biscontini, Apittiya Soma (Bom), Panuwat Rongbandit (Kelvin), Chelliah Noel and Rockit Yury


The winner will get:

  • $500 USD educational scholarship money towards internationally-recognized credentials e.g. ACE Certification
  • 6 sixty-minute mastermind calls with world-renowned mentors
  • Many photo opportunities for your social media including on the AFC Main Stage with celebrities and presenters
  • Assistance with applying to other conferences
  • An opportunity to co-author a compensated fitness article with Lawrence Biscontini
  • A one-year music subscription to PowerMusic Now via their smartphone app
  • A personalized Gene Key, Human Design chart and call with Yury Rockit
  • A guaranteed presenting slot at the AFC 2024 Conference
  • Some books for your library including a copy of Lawrence Biscontini’s new books Mir: Planet of Fitness Business Possibilities and Cream Rises, and a copy of Phyllis Hanson’s Glowing Up


We do NOT post judges’ individual scores but we do post the names of the final winners and runners-up. The criteria used are:

Our Previous Fitness Idol Hall of Famers:

2012 – Noel Chelliah (Malaysia)
2013 – Satoru Komazawa (Japan)
2014 – Hideto Takayama (Japan)
2015 – Khun Ton Krisakorn Maneenual (Thailand)
2016 – Joshua Astono (Indonesia)
2017 – Krishan Tiwari (India)
2018 – Arnon Rungruang (Thailand) and Jonathan Goh (Singapore)
2019 – Marina Shimoyama (Japan)
2023 – You ?

Please click HERE to download brochure in pdf file.